The Products We Use

The Product We Use

safe product for human and pets.

Have you ever wondered why your house always smells bad? Well, it is because of the bacteria that are present in the environment. These bacteria can cause a lot of health problems if not taken care of properly. One way to take care of these bacteria is through cleaning products. There are many different types and brands of cleaning products available today but which one should you use?

Sometimes people don’t know how to take care of their own bodies and their pets living among them, that is why they get sick. That is why it is very important to clean the environment you are living in  so you can stay healthy and live a longer life. There are many different types of cleaning products out there but I am going to talk about specific products we use at Red Rocks Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Care.

Zone Perfect

Zone Perfect is a very robust prespray.  This best-selling, Bridgepoint prespray is a special blend of surfactants, and is packed with soil busting, grease cutting ingredients.  At the standard dilution rate of 1:32, Zone Perfect melts greasy soils like nothing else.  On lightly soiled carpets, you can even dilute as much as 1:48 and it’s still very effective.  With a ready-to-use pH of 4.5 to 5 and exceptional cleaning power, End Zone emulsifier/rinse agent leaves the carpet bright, with a soft hand, in a neutral state, with no re-soiling residue.

ODORx Un-Duz-It Unleashed

pet odor solution combines oxidizers with enzymes and odor encapsulants to remove even the toughest pet urine odors and stains. Effective on carpets and upholstery, including wool, and virtually any water-cleanable hard porous surface.

  • Completely eliminates odors and most staining from urine, feces and wet animals
  • Use it on virtually any surface - carpet and upholstery, plus hard porous surfaces (e.g., concrete, wood, plywood, natural stones, grout, quarry tile, bricks, etc.)

Matrix Grand Slam SC

Matrix Grand Slam TLC is an incredible pre-spray that will help you get a better clean in less time. Plus, due to its unique chemistry, it won't clog up your jets, and it even improves dry times all for less than a penny per square foot! One concentrated gallon makes 33 RTU!

  • Three times more cleaning power than other pre-sprays
  • Great pre-spray for commercial and residential carpet
  • pH: 9.5–9.8
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpets
  • Dilute 4 ounces per gallon of water

End Zone

End Zone is both an extraction emulsifier and an acid rinse that leaves carpets squeaky clean and prevents resoiling caused by detergent residues. End Zone’s powerful surfactants emulsify tough soils including sand and other particulates that pre-sprays just can’t remove. End Zone then neutralizes carpet to a slightly acidic pH and its polymer technology helps prevent resoiling. Save the extra step of an acid rinse with End Zone! Works in hot or cold water and inhibits corrosion on your standard metal parts.

Matrix Release

A highly effective pre-spray for heavily soiled, greasy traffic lanes, Release also makes an excellent general-purpose spotter that may be mixed with solvents or water.

  • Great pre-spray and spotter
  • Removes oil and water combination stains
  • pH: 9.5–10.5
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Variable dilutions

OxyBuff Cotton Shampoo

  • Easy to Mix - powder blend of Boost All, Buff All and Fabric Shampoo. No longer any need to mix up three ingredients in a special recipe. Measure out 3 to 4 ounces with gallon of hot water in bucket.
  • Easy to Apply - Apply foam to fringe with soft brush. Some areas may need extra agitation with hard brush.

Pet Zone

PetZone with Hydrocide combines the cleaning and deodorizing power of natural oxygen with the odor bonding and encapsulating power of Hydrocide to give the professional cleaner an entirely new way to neutralize odors caused by urine contamination, without leaving strong and potentially offensive fragrances behind. In addition, the natural oxygen will effectively eliminate stains caused by the urine contamination. This revolutionary formula also includes special additives to enhance solution penetration and improve rinsing and removal. It also contains anti-resoiling properties that keep the treated area from attracting residue.

Avenge Pro

  • Synergistic balanced blend of builders, surfactancy & solvency.
  • Synergistic blend allows product to work on a multitude of stains.
  • One product, for 95% of the stains.
  • Movement of stain into foam rather than adjacent fibers.
  • Compatable with All Solv Extreme™ and most other solvents that may be used on the stain.
  • Use greatly aids the free rinsing of remaining solvents and stain from fibers

Matrix All‑in‑One Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Matrix All-in-One is the newest advancement in carpet cleaning technology. This powerful formula eliminates both stains and odors caused by urine, feces, vomit, and even that lingering "wet dog" smell. Eliminate odors and achieve a deep-down clean in less time!

  • Destroys tough odors and eliminates stains
  • Powerful odor-counteractants and bioactive enzymes
  • pH: 7.0
  • Invigorating herbal fragrance
  • Variable dilutions

Wool Medic

  • Sets Dyes – Proper balance of acid needed to set most dyes prior to cleaning. Use Dye-Loc for extreme bleeders.
  • Assist Flushing of Urine – special surfactant, solvents and rinse additive combines with acid to help neutralize urine salts, break down lipids and assist the flushing of the rug with the Water Claw, Flash Extractor or immersion techniques.

OmniPro, Odor Remover, Smoke & More Odor Neutralizer, Lemon

Boost All has alkaline builders and color safe oxygen bleach to add to your carpet and upholstery solutions to boost cleaning effectiveness and brighten the finished look. Boost All has been BOOSTED! Your favorite pH and oxygen boosting additive just got better with the addition of Oxiblue Oxygen Accelerator, the proprietary hydrogen peroxide accelerator. Boost All is stable in powder form, but when mixed with water, Oxiblue dissolves, comes in contact with peroxide and supercharges it. The result? Carpets get brighter, faster!

Flex Ice

  • High cleaning power. Excellent soil suspension and removal capabilities
  • Effective neutralizing rinse. Designed for free rinsing and cleaning with all pre-sprays
  • Highly versatile. Safe to use on all carpet and fiber types including wool
  • High concentrate, low cost
  • Easy mizing. Dissolves quickly in cold or hot water
  • Non-resoiling and equipment safe

Viper Venom

Viper Venom is used as a pre-treatment spray on grout and tile to loosen and emulsify soils and stains. It is ideal for fire restoration jobs where heavy soot and soil residue is present.

  • Alkaline based pre-treatment for tile and grout
  • Ideal for general cleaning and fire restoration
  • pH: 12.0
  • For use on tile and grout
  • Various dilutions

Viper Stone Perfect

Viper Stone Perfect is used as a prespray on stone and grout to loosen and emulsify soils and stains, and to facilitate soil removal. Viper Stone Perfect is powerful, yet sensi-tive enough for fine stone surfaces with its hard-hitting blend of builders, solvents, and surfactants. It is also ideally suited for cleaning stone that has fire and smoke damage.

  • High powered restorative cleaning agent for heavily soiled stone surfaces.
  • Powers its way through caked-on grease and oxidized oils.
  • Contains no chelating agents that could attack the minerals in natural stone.

All‑Purpose Stone & Grout Cleaner

Unitex Surface Renew All-Purpose Stone and Grout Cleaner quickly removes the toughest built-up grease and grime on all types of grout, concrete, and flooring surfaces. It’s also effective on walls, countertops, and even tiled showers and fiberglass tubs.

  • Quickly removes tough greasy, grimy buildup
  • Effective on multiple surfaces, with no strong odors or VOCs
  • pH: 13.0
  • For use on natural stone
  • Dilute 32 ounces per gallon of water

Prochem Yellow Rx for Browning

Prochem Yellow Rx removes yellowing and brown discolorations on nylon, olefin, and many natural fiber carpets, as well as wet-cleanable upholstery.

  • Removes yellowing and browning on most carpets
  • Spotter for urine, tannin, coffee, tea, etc.
  • pH: 1.0–1.5
  • Safe for stain-resistant carpet
  • Dilute 13–26 ounces per gallon of water

Wool Perfect

Features of Wool Perfect are:

  • Extremely Concentrated - Dilutions from 1 - 16 to 1 - 32
  • Balanced - Blend of various types of cleaning agents to work on diverse soils found in wool rugs
  • Versatile - Works like typical prespray and has enough lubrication to work like shampoo in pit or bath washing applications.
  • "Wool Safe" Approved Refined - New superior chemical technology not available five years ago

Bridgepoint Fab Set

  • Neutralizes and helps in the removal of excess cleaning chemicals
  • Balanced - Blend of various types of cleaning agents to work on diverse soils found in wool rugs
  • Versatile - Works like typical prespray and has enough lubrication to work like shampoo in pit or bath washing applications.
  • Refined - New superior chemical technology not available five years ago

Super Sealer

  • Multi-use pre-spray
  • Tough enough for greasy commercial work or lightly soiled residential carpet
  • pH: 11.0
  • For use on carpets, tile, grout, garage floors, and more
  • Variable dilutions

Wool Perfect

  • Nontoxic, nonirritating, and nonflammable
  • Can be used on wool (does not break down wool fibers)
  • Nonstaining, nonionic, and noncarcinogenic
  • Biodegradable, water based, pH 6.8 when diluted
  • Noncorrosive

Bridgepoint Bio Break

  • POWER OF CITRUS: Bio Break contains the delimonene boost of Citrus Solv to cut through greasy soils and provides the always pleasant Citrus fragrance.
  • FAST STRIKING ACTION: Bio Break also contains grease cutting alkaline builders, non-ionic surfactant and an encapsulated protease enzyme that go to work NOW on the toughest soils.

Kleenrite Upholstery PreSpray SN

  • Strong enough to clean & brighten any heavily soiled fabric.
  • Self-neutralizing. Active pH is 9.50; after 10 minutes on fabric the pH will neutralize to 6.50.
  • Safe for use on whites, cotton, silk, wool, velvets, satin and all colorfast fabrics, rugs and carpet.
  • Formulated to withstand extreme heat.

Matrix Orange Power Gel

  • Powerful and effective carpet cleaning product.
  • It is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, including orange oil, which is known for its cleaning and deodorizing properties.
  • Safe for use around humans and pets.
  • Effectively remove dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from carpets and upholstery.

Coffee Stain Remover

  • Our coffee stain remover product is specifically designed to remove tough coffee stains from carpets and upholstery
  • The formula is powerful yet gentle, effectively removing stains without damaging the fabric.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for both humans and pets.
  • Easy to use, on the affected area
  • Ready to use

Proxy redrocks


  • Eliminates tough stains and odors from carpets
  • Safe for both humans and pets
  • Made with eco-friendly, non-toxic ingredients
  • Gentle on carpets, no residue left behind
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Perfect solution for quick and effortless carpet cleaning.